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The Digital Marketing Roadmap to Riches!


Here's How Digital Marketing Works

You promote digital products in the form of education, training, guides, books, downloads.  They can be things that you create or things others have created that you have the right to sell or distribute. AND you can also promote products, software and programs for others and they pay you an affiliate commission.  The combination of these sales can add up and the best part is, once you create them, you can sell them infinitely. Others are making anywhere from $100s, $1000s, and even $10,000+ a month doing just that.


The Digital Marketing Roadmap to Riches is the best way to get started in THIS business! It includes everything you need to ALL IN ONE PLACE!


The Digital Marketing Roadmap to Riches  

  • GIVES you a done for you COURSE + COMMUNITY that you sell (for exactly what you pay for it)
  • WALKS you through the entire process STEP BY STEP (perfect if you are a beginner but there's TONS OF VALUE if you've done this before)


  • theres a MASTERMIND COMMUNITY to help and support you every step of the way.

(PLUS NEW TRAININGS are being added all the time AND there are Weekly Calls for Support).



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  (and new modules and training are being added)

How to Become AND Stand Out as a Digital Entrepreneur  

Learn How Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur will Allow you to Start, Grow, and Scale an Online Business with Infinite Possibilities including Creating your Mission, Vision & Core Values, Branding, and Understanding YOUR Target Audience

How to Utilize  Automation in your Business to Scale it Infinitely

Learn How to Choose the Best Platforms for your Business, How Funnels Drive Traffic and Sales for your Business, And How to Build & Customize Your Own Sales Funnels, PLUS How to Brand and Sell the done for you Product

How to Optimize Your Sales Process


Learn How to Create High Value and High Converting Content to Help you Make More Sales in your Business, Ways to Drive Sales in Your Business on Demand (Even When You are Sleeping and Enjoying Time Your Family). CREATE ONCE AND SELL FOREVER... on Autopilot!

Digital Marketing Roadmap to Riches

How to Use Email Marketing to Connect with your Ideal Customers AND Drive Sales

Learn How Email Marketing is the BEST WAY to connect with your Audience & Clients Long Term & Continue to Drive Sales in Your Business.  You'll Learn the How Create & Nurture your Email List.  If something happens to your Social Media Platforms your Email List is the Best Way to Still Connect with your Audience & Clients!

How to Create a  Content Strategy that Serves & in Sustainable


Learn how to NATURALLY & EASILY create and share high value and high converting content that builds the KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST FACTOR with your ideal client.  So that you spend more time doing the things that really matter but still serve and makes sales in your business. 


A Master Resell Rights Product to help you kickstart your Digital Online Business Journey

A done for you Product for you to turn around and Sell on Autopilot (for exactly what you paid for it) along with the Step by Step Process of HOW to do it! Then you have a process (and the confidence) to replicate to create your own products & courses too!


About Me...

Hi, I'm Melissa and I became my own boss 10 years ago when I quit teaching high school math and started my own home staging business.  I was physically and mentally exhausted and had children at home at the time.  We spent our days rushing to school, back home, and to sports practices in the evening but I never felt like I had any free time or time to catch up and take a breath.  Starting my own business where I could set my own schedule was truly amazing but still I wondered if there was a business model that provided even more flexibility and that I could scale infinitely while working less.  Even through shopping and staging and being creative was fun it was still trading time for money with each job I did.  I began to follow people and listen to what they were teaching about creating once and selling over and over again.  The online digital landscape is only going to continue to grow.  Combine sharing what you already know in digital print and video form with taking advantage of promoting the products that make it happen, the ones you use and love and you've got a DIGITAL MARKETING ROADMAP TO RICHES... BOTH TIME & FINANCIALLY RICH! The trouble is... how do you get started? There's so much to know.  How to build a community, how to create products, how to set up the systems.  The GREAT NEWS IS THIS... now there is a ALL IN ONE SYSTEM that will not only teach it to you but walk you through it step by step by step with a community to help you along the way and additional teaching resources being added all the time as the needs of the community evolve. The training blew me away.  I already knew bits and pieces of it but it  was exactly what I have been looking for to help me put it all together to really make an impact. AND the best part can turn around and resell the product for the same price you pay for it, making 100% profit from your very first sale.  Then take what you have learned and apply it to any number of digital products that you community wants and is asking for! READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER?



See what the Roadmap Community members are saying...


"In less than a week, accomplished what I've been struggling to do for the last year!"

"I taught for 24 years (mainly kindergarten) and left my career to pursue my network marketing business 7 years ago. During that time, I realized I was still teaching and continued to have a passion for helping others through my talent and love for teaching. Enter teaching in-person courses to women entrepreneurs in my community on various topics. The Roadmap MRR course was what I needed for the last year as I struggled to go from in-person courses to online. I found the course to be a one-stop shop for everything I needed to know, but knew nothing about. The platform where the courses are hosted is amazing! As a former teacher, I appreciate the sequential order of the modules and the step-by-step instruction. The added bonus of having a community of like-minded, supportive people cheering you on is unbelievably helpful. You are not alone in learning and implementing the HOW of getting an online business started. In less than a week, accomplished what I've been struggling to do for the last year!"


"Stunning community to be a part of and I wish I found this earlier!"

"Single mum here! With Master Resell Rights, I have been able to set up systems to create multiple income streams and help others to do the same. I made my first sale within 24 hours of launching and another the following week. Stunning community to be a part of and I wish I found this earlier!"

- Hana-lee

"My life is forever changed because of this course!"

"Master Resell Rights changed my life in so many ways!! If you are thinking about purchasing the Roadmap course to Riches, do not hesitate! I cannot express into words how much knowledge and value there is within this course, and don't even get me started on how amazing the community is... Both the course and the community is absolutely unmatched and gives you all the tools you need for success. After following the steps of the course and the help from my mentor I was able to make my first 2 sales in the first day launched my website! Like what?? And I have only continued to grow my business since. I continue to use the information within this course for both my Tiktok accounts & my life is forever changed because of this course!"


"The step by step videos were exactly what I needed...I feel like a marketing pro now!"

"I am a first time mom to a 4 month old and I have a legal background- I'm very analytical and not techy. So, when I joined this course, I was so worried I made a mistake because of all the marketing tech involved (I had no clue what a funnel even was). But wow, I was so wrong! The step by step videos were exactly what I needed!  As I watched the videos, I would pause after every step and do exactly as the video explained on my own funnel. So so helpful for someone like me who needs everything broken down to the very last detail. I got my funnel up and running in one weekend (between nap times) and made my first sale 3 weeks later! That sale paid for our portion of my hospital bill for giving birth back in March! I can't express how thankful I am for this course and everything l've learned- I feel like a marketing pro now!"


"This course is proving it's value beyond expectations in every way possible!"

"I have a background in Training & Development and WOW!!! This course is proving it's value beyond expectations in every way possible!! I'm learning and applying new skills in every singe lesson and my confidence is growing every day! Not only is the course so incredibly useful, but I am so blown away by the culture of support and positivity in this community!!


"I should have done this a LONG time ago!" 

"Even though I am new into the master resell rights journey I know I should have done this a LONG time ago! While learning new skills within the course I've noticed I have also have been growing personally with myself. This course has provided me with a great community of people who truly support you on your journey and its been amazing so far and I know this is only the beginning "


Learn the High Income Skills to Build a Digital Business ALL IN ONE PLACE.  The most comprehensive ONLINE BUSINESS & Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Roadmap to Riches puts everything you need to START, LAUNCH, AND GROW an online digital business all in one place (including the course to sell). Plus a MASTERMIND COMMUNITY to help you every step of the way.

I'm Ready to Learn These Skills, Make 100% Profit AND Change My Life!