Why Stage?

Have you ever toured a home for sale and found yourself more interested in the seller’s family photos, collections, choice of paint color,  or decor rather than looking at the features of the house?   This is very common among buyers.  Do not let potential buyers be distracted by your personal taste.  Let a professional home stager help you declutter, organize, and maximize your home’s potential in the eyes of the buyer.  A professional home stager can help you view your home objectively and make recommendations for preparing your home to sell for the maximum amount possible in the shortest amount of time possible.  An added benefit is that it helps you be more prepared to move and once staged you will be able to prepare your home for a showing in about 20 minutes.

The Top Ten Reasons to use a Professional Stager

Video: Top Ten Reasons

The Cost of not using a Professional Home Stager

Video: Cost of Not using a Professional