Curb Appeal: Hippie Mulch

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

As a home stager I want to be able to offer my clients solutions that are inexpensive but add to value and beauty of the home so they can spend their money doing repairs correctly or updating the home.  Having said that, don’t we want to all find ways to stretch our budget and make our home and yard look great even if we aren’t selling our home?  Hippie Mulch ( contacted me to see if I had ever heard of or tried their product or a similar product to add to the curb appear of a staged home.  I had not.  Basically they offer mulch dye, mulch glue (to hold mulch in place) and grass color.   They sent me a 4oz bottle of the bellbottom black to try on my mulch (I didn’t want to use it on someone’s else mulch or suggest it until I had tried it on my own first).

Here’s what came in the package:


The directions were on the bottle and also on the enclosed information sheet.  You have to use it when it hasn’t been raining and is not going to rain and when it is not windy (“your neighbor may not dig the funky paint job on his ride”–quoted from the insert and I liked that their lingo matched the Hippie Mulch name–it makes it more fun! Their sizes and colors are also “hippie” related.)

I already had a pressurized pump sprayer in my garage and I filled a water jug up just in case I got some overspray and needed to rinse something off.


The process was a lot easier than I though it would be, took less time, colored more mulch, and looked better than what I had imagined.  The process took me less than an hour including cleanup and I took before and after pictures and even filmed a short clip of me spraying it.  I mixed my 4 oz bottle with just under a gallon of water in my sprayer (they said the bellbottom black was the least concentrated) and it said it would cover anywhere from 150-350 square feet I guess depending on how much you need to apply.  What I used went a lot further than I thought it would.  I sprayed all the beds in the front yard and most of my side yard.  I even sprayed the rubber mulch around the mailbox with it. I could instantly see a difference and it was easy to keep it off the planters and plants.

Here is a short clip showing what it looks like going on (its very short since it was hard to video and apply at the same time and I by myself when I applied it):  Very Short Hippie Mulch Application Video I posted on Vimeo (just for fun the music is Eyes Be Closed by Washed Out).


The left hand side is before and the right is after and I was afraid it would be difficult with the stones and the house but it wasn’t hard to keep it where I wanted it to spray.  I was going to calculate the cost savings but I found it on the hippie mulch website.  They offer several different sizes for different sizes of yards.  According to the website the color will last for one year and the package said it only had a 9 month shelf life so buy what you think you will need for one application.  Since we are moving in a month I can’t give you an update in a year but I’ll get some for my new mulch and then I can try it out to see how long it lasts.  They sent me the 4oz size which runs $9.95  and covers up to 350 square feet and they compare that to $2.50 for a bag of mulch that covers 10 square feet which would cost $87.50.  That’s a significant savings not to mention having to go to the supply store to get it and having to have the vehicle to haul it home in.  It would take me at least an hour to get to the store and get it (plus I would buy a bunch of other stuff and spend even more money) and then at least another hour or more to get it put out.  I was finished with the whole process in about an hour and had everything cleaned up.  It was definitely easier and cheaper.  The Hippie Mulch name is also derived from the fact that it is eco friendly and saves trees.  They claim the 12 oz. size saves 8 trees so I can feel good because I saved almost 3 trees with my 4 oz. size. It also says that once it dries it is completely safe for pets and animals and of course the environment.  I definitely think this is a great solution to putting down mulch once or even several times a year.  You may have to fill in some spots if you had some wash away (check out their hippie glue if you have that problem and let me know what you think since I haven’t tried it) but I definitely think this is a great solution for saving time and some cash especially if you need a quick spruce up and don’t want to spend a lot.

If you have used this product or another one like it then I’d like to hear from you.  Let me know what you think.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

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Why are pictures posted on my listing important?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Most home shoppers are using the internet to start their dream home search.  Whether they are relocating from out of state or just across town, it is much faster and more convenient for shoppers to do a preliminary search online especially if there are many listings to choose from.  If you only have pictures of the outside of your home what message does that send to potential buyers?  My sister recently relocated out of state and we were discussing home buying.  She mentioned that if a home only had pictures of the outside of the home on the websites she immediately took those off her list.  She simply did not have time to visit lots of homes and the ones that made the cut were the ones she liked based upon the pictures that were posted.  Another friend of mine relocated from Kentucky Continue Reading…

Is Color Important?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

I was having a conversation with a friend recently that is currently in the market for buying home.  She was absolutely amazed by the “strange colors” that people would choose for their kitchens or bedrooms.  I checked in with her a couple of days ago and they still haven’t found what they are looking for.  They thought they might have liked one home, but each of the rooms was painted a different color which was extremely distracting to them.  Some buyers are able to see past the color because they know they can just paint it but the truth is that many buyers are not able to see the vision for a room if there are distractions such as “strange colors” and many don’t want the hassle of painting when they move in.  I often notice the same reaction when watching HGTV’s House Hunters or shows like it.  Buyers are distracted and turned off to the rest of the house just because of the paint colors.
I go back to my own experiences when my husband and I were looking to sell our first home.  We had made some color choices over time that met our individual tastes and matched our décor.  We were looking forward to selling our home and wanted to sell it as quickly as possible without having to give major concessions to the buyer.  We went down to the local Home Depot and purchased a few gallons of a color similar to Behr’s Bone (UL 160-15).  We chose this color because it was neutral and warm.  No matter what kind of furniture taste the potential buyer might have, this color would fit with their décor.  It wasn’t difficult for them to imagine their personal belongings in this space.  The home had a beautiful stacked stone fireplace and we allowed that to be the focal point of the space, not the wall color.
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